Training: Read It All, Then Decide What Fits Best

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Mar 19, 2014

Dear Barb:

I read The Fordyce Letter every month and it sometimes gets confusing. All of you speakers don’t agree on how to do this job, so who do I listen to? I hear you saying to develop client and candidate rapport vs. control, while others say you have to establish control. I work for a company that does not provide training so I’m trying to learn all I can on my own. Where do I find the advice and training I need?

Pam W.
Marietta, GA

Dear Pam:

It’s hard to be objective with this question because of course I believe in my training – especially the Top Producer Tutor which provides extremely consistent training. We could provide a free demo for your owner. Most owners work a desk and don’t have time to train. This training is web-based, so it’s delivered in your office. We also do 6-7 live calls monthly where you can ask me questions.

If your owner does not want to invest in training, you need to read all the free information you can find online. There are many different ways to become successful in the staffing and recruiting profession. You will find techniques that feel right for you, and then you will add your personality. It’s important to develop a strong 30 second pitch which quickly shows your targets why they should utilize you, as opposed to your competition.

Observe the individuals in your office who are the most successful. What can you learn from them? Try to mirror the orders they are filling because there will be candidates in your database. Often the best way to learn is by learning by your mistakes. You will eventually develop a repeatable system that will result in consistent production.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS