Workers’ Mixed Attitudes Toward AI, Hiring Manager Satisfaction Stats, and More!

It seems these days none of us know quite how to feel about AI.

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Apr 28, 2023

Welcome to “The Most Interesting Recruiting Stories of the Week,” a weekly post that features talent acquisition insights and information from around the web to kick off your weekend. Here’s what’s of interest this week:

AI in Hiring and Evaluating Workers: What Americans Think

The Pew Center reports that “62% [of survey respondents] believe artificial intelligence will have a major impact on jobholders overall in the next 20 years, but far fewer think it will greatly affect them personally. People are generally wary and uncertain of AI being used in hiring and assessing workers.”

Hiring Manager Satisfaction Benchmark Report

Candidate experience analytics platform Starred recently analyzed its entire hiring manager satisfaction dataset to yield information based on hiring manager NPS, company size, region, and team performance. Read the report here.

Recruiters Who Focus on Skills See Better InMail Acceptance Rates

“Skills-first hiring — the idea of hiring candidates for what they can actually do, rather than relying solely on traditional signals like education or past experience — offers many advantages, like improving your quality of hire, expanding your talent pool, and reducing bias. But here’s another benefit you might not expect: better InMail acceptance rates,” according to LinkedIn’s Talent Blog. “Recruiters with the most skills-first searches see +22% higher InMail acceptance rates, compared with recruiters with the least skills-first searches, according to new LinkedIn data.”

I’m the Meta Recruiter Who Was Paid $190,000 for Doing ‘Nothing’

“Maddie Machado was making $190k per year when she says she was fired by Meta for posting on social media,” The Independent reports. “Now, the Florida-based recruiter makes six figures in one month, thanks to TikTok.”

Careers Sites Must Be Built With SEO in Mind

“One of the biggest missteps is not designing your careers site for search engine optimization (SEO),” according to this SHRM story. “About 75% of candidates start their job search on Google, but many companies do not have websites prepared to respond.”

Hiring Takes a Backseat As HR Faces Budget Constraints

“Hiring has taken a backseat to budget concerns among some HR pros,” according to HR Dive’s Identity of HR survey results. The finding may hardly be surprising, given the economic landscape; just 24% of respondents said hiring was their top priority in 2023, compared with 36% last year.”

Company Apologizes for Recruiting ‘Toxic’ Staff

“The [Confederation of British Industry] has apologized for the recruitment of ‘toxic’ staff and for allowing individuals with ‘regressive’ and ‘abhorrent’ attitudes towards women to behave poorly without fear of being detected,” according to Personnel Today. “In an open letter, CBI president Brian McBride admitted that the organization had been complacent and had made mistakes that led to terrible consequences for some employees.”

It’s Not Like We’re Google: Competing for Talent With the World’s Biggest Brands

“How do you compete with employers that are more well-known and pay more?” asks this story. “It’s perhaps the most common challenge playing the vast majority of businesses. It’s certainly a challenge that we must address at QTS Data Centers, a data-solutions company that — let’s face it — you’ve probably not heard of.” Read how the organization competes with the Googles and Amazons of the world.

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