Top Stories: Why People Hate Recruiters and Germany Tries a Four Day Work Week

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Mar 22, 2024

Writing and discussing specific recruiting categories can feel like walking a tightrope. Mention too much about AI, and you’ll get a collective eye roll from your audience. Dive too deep into analytics, and suddenly you’re curing insomnia for some and causing migraines for others. And let’s not forget the dichotomy between recruiters who have experienced layoffs, clamoring for a better candidate experience, and the leadership constantly pushing for stronger employer branding.

We understand the balancing act is required to cover recruitment topics. That’s why, every week, we sift through the sea of recruiting stories to bring you the most intriguing ones. We value your role in staying updated on these trends, and we aim to cover everything from various recruitment categories to engaging videos and thought-provoking social media posts. If you’ve visited ERE, you’ll notice our dedication to encompassing the entirety of recruiting while also shining a spotlight on specific areas within talent acquisition. This week, our focus is on the ever-important realm of employer branding.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this week’s topics.

The subreddit group r/RecruitingHell has some juicy recruiting stories like this one:

The internet has been abuzz lately with many frustrated recruiters calling out…well, other recruiters. In a popular subreddit called RecruitingHell, a recruiter posted, I’m a Recruiter – and I think Recruiters now are AWFUL. This post details their journey after layoffs and their experiences with other recruiters, providing a unique perspective on the industry’s current state.   (Reddit r/recruiting).

Here’s an interesting video on why people hate recruiters.

Feeling the Job Market Squeeze? Employees Want Wellness Perks!

The article discusses a shift in how employers are choosing benefits to offer their employees. In a competitive job market, employers are looking at employee well-being more broadly, considering physical, mental, and even digital safety. The article highlights a survey that shows mental health support is the most requested benefit, followed by telemedicine and financial wellness programs.

Is your company keeping up? (HRO Today)

Is your company review page a turn-off for top talent?

Employee reviews are the new resume – they shape how future hires see your work culture.

The article discusses the importance of employee reviews in shaping a company’s employer brand identity. In other words, online reviews left by employees can significantly impact how attractive a company is to potential hires. Positive reviews are seen as endorsements, while negative ones can expose company issues and deter talented candidates. Respond to feedback & build a strong employer brand to attract & retain the best! (MSN Article)

#employerbranding #careerdevelopment #talentacquisition

Free lunches are cool, but what’s the real company culture?

Apparently, company culture is a major factor for many job seekers today, especially younger generations. The audacity! The article suggests ways to learn about a company’s culture beyond what they might tell you directly in a job posting or interview. It explains how to dig deeper before accepting that job offer! (Hunt Scanlon)

#JobSearch #CultureMatters

Germany takes on the labor crunch with a bold move – introducing a 4-day workweek trial at 45 companies!

Employees will work one less day per week while maintaining the same pay. The aim is to explore whether reducing working hours can lead to increased productivity, improved well-being, and motivation among workers. This experiment is part of efforts to tackle Germany’s labor shortage and enhance workforce flexibility amidst economic challenges.

But, can working less lead to more productivity and happier employees? (4DWG Article)

#WorkLifeBalance #Innovation #Germany4DayWeek

Nicole Stephens LinkedIn post on company jargon and March Madness…

Get on in the LinkedIn conversation here.

Company Jargon is like March Madness
Company Jargon is like March Madness

Did Amazon’s Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) lead to mass layoffs?

A recent article uncovers documents showing a surge in PIPs before significant job cuts. Similar trends spotted at other tech giants. The report exposes the internal practices and policies of Amazon regarding employee performance improvement plans (PIPs) and their potential connection to subsequent layoffs. According to the report, in the months preceding significant layoffs at Amazon, the company implemented a substantial number of PIPs for employees so they would quit and not pay a costly severance packages.

Dive into the debate on employee experience and job security. (Yahoo Finance)

#Amazon #PIPs #Layoffs #TechIndustry #EmployeeManagement

AI on the Rise in Talent Acquisition!

The article discusses the advantages of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in talent acquisition for HR professionals. 97% of talent leaders report improved recruitment with technology. AI search and match is booming, but it’s not just about finding new hires. Companies are using AI to upskill their existing workforce too! (HR Morning)


#FutureofWork #TalentAcquisition

That’s a wrap-up of this week’s round-up of recruiting trends, news, and updates. We hope you found valuable insights to enhance your recruitment efforts. Remember, staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of talent acquisition is the key to success.

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