Top Stories: ATS Speed Comparisons, Recruiting Foreign Nationals, and More!

A compilation of this week's most interesting recruiting stories.

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Mar 17, 2023

Welcome to “The Most Interesting Recruiting Stories of the Week,” a weekly post that features talent acquisition insights and information from around the web to kick off your weekend. Here’s what’s of interest this week:

Which ATS Offers the Fastest Application Speed?

Hung Lee of Recruiting Brainfood tweeted an interesting graphic comparing various software providers, sparking good conversation.

Amid Layoffs, 87% of Employers Hiring Foreign Nationals

“With thousands of employees laid off across tech giants including Microsoft, Google, Meta, and Amazon, Twitter in the past couple of months have left many employees worried about their job security,” Mint reports. “The layoffs has affected the future of H1B visa holders as in a span of 60 days, they either need to find another company to sponsor their visas or leave the country.”

Career-Services Platform Grows to Target Non-Degree Job Seekers

“SkillUp Coalition, a nonprofit launched during the pandemic to connect job seekers with high-growth opportunities that don’t require a college degree, is partnering with two other nonprofits to expand its outreach programs including the free career services and training platform it debuted in June 2022,” according to The Nonprofit Times.

Mark Zuckerberg Suggests New Hires Work Better With 3 Days a Week in the Office

“Like many other tech companies, Meta was an early adopter of remote work during the COVID pandemic. Meta’s peers, like Alphabet and Amazon, are now starting to require some level of in-person work during the week,” according to Yahoo. Speaking of…

How to Recruit and Keep Employees Who Are Used to Working From Home

From NPR: “What does the future of work look like in a post-pandemic world? NPR’s A Martinez asks Neha Naik of the tech recruiting firm RecruitGyan.”

Viral TikTok Résumé ‘Hack’ Encourages Job Seekers to Lie About Working at Twitter

From Fortune: “Embellishing the truth when applying for a new job is nothing new, whether it’s overselling the importance of work at a previous company, claiming a bigger team than you actually managed, or promising you could use systems you weren’t trained on.”

Older Workers Are ‘Unretiring.’ What Can Employers Do to Welcome Them Back?

“The pandemic saw an increase in older workers leaving the workforce in the U.S., turning around a long-term trend toward rising labor force participation among older workers,” SHRM reports. “But some are now returning to work amid a cost-of-living crisis in a phenomenon that has been referred to as the ‘Great Unretirement.'”

“This Will Be Tough”: Meta Targets Recruiters in New Layoffs

“The organization’s latest cull comes not long after its last big downsizing in November, during which Meta slashed more than 11,000 jobs, or 13% of its workforce at the time,” according to

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