Top Stories: A Jittery Job Market, Empty Talent Pipelines, and More!

Insights and information from across the web during the past week.

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Mar 31, 2023

Welcome to “The Most Interesting Recruiting Stories of the Week,” a weekly post that features talent acquisition insights and information from around the web to kick off your weekend. Here’s what’s of interest this week:

The Class of 2023 Faces a Jittery Job Market

“Many employers are taking a go-slow approach to employing graduating seniors this year, college career offices say,” The Wall Street Journal reports. “The cautiousness marks a sharp reversal from the past two years, when companies often made offers barely weeks after school began and staged bidding wars over interns and graduating seniors. ”

Employers in Trade Industries Say It’s Getting Harder to Fill Jobs

“An empty pipeline of new workers has left some employers in trade industries scraping together as many experienced contractors as they can find to backfill a lack of young employees,” according to WSOC-TV.

The Hiring Paradox: Employers Enacting Layoffs Are Still Seeking Fresh Talent

“Don’t let the layoffs fool you; many companies that have made significant staffing cuts are still hiring, but this time, they’re focused on high-growth, in-demand roles,” Yahoo! Finance reports. “It’s a move that reflects the post-pandemic shift toward more intentional hiring. Three companies, in particular, are prime examples of the latest talent trend: SAP, Intuit, and Amazon.”

AI Isn’t Racist. You Are.

“One of the biggest issues around generative AI is there are a lot of ethical issues with the use of AI,” writes Tim Sackett. “From folks being concerned with bias in AI to the elimination of jobs that humans currently do to the spread of false news and ideas that seem very real.”

How Second-Chance Hiring Programs Can Strengthen the Workforce

“For employers, second-chance hiring can be a chance to tap into a new talent pool, to improve diversity and inclusion efforts and to possibly earn a tax credit,” according to HR Dive.

300 Million Jobs on AI Chopping Block?

“Goldman Sachs economists predict that 300 million jobs globally could be eliminated through the use of ChatGPT and similar forms of generative artificial intelligence,” according to SHRM. “However, the researchers noted in their report that jobs lost through automation historically have been offset by the creation of new jobs and the wave of emerging occupations ‘accounts for the vast majority of long-run employment growth.'”

‘Help! I Got Ghosted by HR “After Going Through a Million Rounds” of Job Interviews’

Read this post on CNBC about an age-old issue.

Disney Begins Eliminating 3% of Workforce

“Massive layoffs are extending well beyond the tech industry,” reports this story. “After Disney CEO Bob Iger announced on Monday that huge layoffs at the company would start this week, the cuts have now begun. This aligns with a prior announcement in February that the organization would eliminate 7,000 positions, representing approximately 3% of its global staff. The company is also continuing a months-long targeted hiring freeze.”

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