Tolan on 2010 Search

Jan 4, 2010

Fordyce contributor Tim Tolan (who we’re excited to announce is also speaking at Fordyce Forum 2010!) recently had an excellent post on Fistful of Talent about the Good, Bad, and Ugly of last year.

Some of the good in our space? Phones are ringing and search agreements are crossing the wire more frequently!

Tolan writes that “clients want to discuss talent strategies and are engaging in meaningful conversations like never before. It’s like someone flipped the switch in the past 30-45 days and hopefully this increased activity will spill over into 2010…[and] candidates are taking calls again and I don’t hear the fear in their voices. They are very interested in hearing about new opportunities.”

As he points out, “I hope those in the search business have learned a thing or two during this downturn. Hopefully, many will become better financial stewards and business people in the New Year and beyond. I hope many used this time to sharpen skills, add a new line of business, and are ready to get back to business! Ready-Set-Go!”

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