Tired of Bickering Politicians? Deloitte Report Offers Some Centrist Ideas for U.S. Competitiveness

Sep 10, 2012
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A new report from Deloitte, one that’s hard to characterize as liberal or conservative, offers some ways to address the U.S. unemployment problem and just generally make the U.S. more competitive.

Like other past reports, and pleas from some in the HR field, this one argues that more skilled employees be allowed to immigrate to the U.S. 

“Emerging markets such as Brazil, India, and China are becoming key players in the global war for talent,” the report says. “More developed nations such as Australia and Canada are stepping up their game and recruiting skilled talent through more competitive immigration policies. U.S. firms can no longer attract the world’s best workers easily. Adopting a more talent-friendly approach to immigration would make it easier for talented individuals to stay in the U.S. while also keeping top foreign students at U.S. universities.”

Deloitte also advocates that the U.S. lighten up on the various licenses you need to enter many professions — everything from landscaping to food trucks. It encourages “expanding technical and vocational training and apprenticeships as an alternative pathway to highly specialized skills.”

Another idea is to “subsidize work, not unemployment,” a bit like Germany does. So employers would get help paying wages instead of laying someone off.

There’s a button here to download the PDF.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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