This Startup Wants to Keep You From Losing People on Your Career Site

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Feb 9, 2018

KC Donovan, a long-timer and conference-frequenter in the talent-acquisition and HR tech field, is leaving Clinch— and starting a new recruiting-technology firm in a similar genre. He’ll keep ties with Clinch, with his new company becoming a customer of Clinch.

Donovan has been pondering the idea of what’s called DonoVision since around Thanksgiving, and he already has beta customers, five employees, as well as funding from friends and family. The target market is Life Sciences and Technology, “but we can support others as well,” he says.

Donovan’s overall belief is that people want more meaning in jobs than they used to, and that they’re not getting it from job requirements listed on a career site and ATS. They’re not engaged, not getting enough detail, and dropping off.

DonoVision provides career pages (with bots, video, polls, and more), job distribution, assessments, and will vet candidates and deliver to employers either 1) a group of about 20-25 applicants; 2) a smaller group of about 10 who he has put through a 30-minute interview; or 3) an even smaller group of three who he says will be spot on and ready to hire.

You can see how it works here and what it costs there as well. Instead of “just the plumbing,” he says, “delivering liquid that flows through the pipes is the key.” What he means is that DonoVision is more marketing-engagement-assessment than software.