This Startup Is Targeting A Group of People You’re Probably Not Recruiting

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Dec 7, 2016
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Some recruiting-technology startups say their technology is better, or their team’s background makes it better, or some other advantage. One new company is telling potential customers that what distinguishes it is that it’s helping companies recruit from a source that most companies are ignoring.

WeFind wants to help people companies recruit their users. For, say, a media company, it could be the people who’ve signed up on the site somewhere to read something. For a clothing company, it could be people who bought something. For a travel company, perhaps people who signed up for an alert when prices dip. For Uber — well, we’re talking of millions of users — aka potential candidates. And so on.

WeFind charges $49 a month. It has companies upload its user list every so often, or do a direct database connection where the leads can be pulled on an ongoing basis. Companies also send over a job description. WeFind takes the job description, matches it up with the list of users, uses its technology to research people online as to their education and skills, and sends back a list of the top 10 leads each week. If a hire’s made, WeFind charges 8 percent of a hire’s salary.

It’s also dabbling in helping companies work on their messaging to companies.

David Sokolow, the founder who did stints at Deloitte and GrubHub, has two employees — a full-stack developer and a data scientist. Though he sees cities like San Francisco, New York, and London as some of the top-tier cities for startups, he ended up moving to Tel Aviv. There, he says, the cost of living is “incredibly cheap,” like half of New York’s rent, and there’s a “huge ecosystem of very talented engineers.”

Most initial customers are U.S. based, though he’s looking at Europe and Australia a little as well.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.