These Two Metrics Made A Difference. Now What?

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Feb 13, 2013

Dear Barb:

My business was inconsistent, sales were up and down and I never could achieve the goals I had set. You spent time with me at the Fordyce Forum during a break, and suggested that I put all my focus on two stats: sendout to placement, and job orders to fill.

We started to use your Sendout Hot Sheet (which has been a lifesaver with all these power outages we’ve been experiencing), and everyone who works for me is now focused on getting candidates in front of hiring authorities daily. The difference it has made in my business over the last 60 days is hard to believe. My question is: What would you advise me to revise next?

Don G., Houston, TX

 Dear Don:

The next step would be to determine what each person on your team is truly deciding to achieve. Have them write down goals in all areas of their life, followed by dated action items. These goals should be posted by their phones as they work, so they can see the reason they need to stay on the phone and achieve goals set.

You, as well as your people, are motivated by your own reasons. One step further would be to have each person create a dream board that reflects the dreams they have for themselves and the people they love. These are posted by the written goals to retain motivation which results in increased production and income.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS