The Top 70 Applicant Tracking Systems (and Other News)

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Apr 12, 2016
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Just a little ‘o this and a little ‘o that from the recruiting grapevine:

  • Keep your eyes on Talentsity, which I mentioned back in 2014, and then in 2015 as it was looking for beta-testers to look at its system for keeping track of employee talents. It’s now live, with some tweaks. For one, it’s now called just Sity. Also, while it still is used to track skills and find an employee with a given skill, Sity is emphasizing its use in allowing employees to give praise and ask questions; having managers keep track of who’s doing what; and for giving feedback “in the moment.” Founder and CEO Felicia Moghadam has been bi-city preparing for the launch.
  • A startup called Ideal has launched for matching sales openings with job candidates. It’ll first focus on San Francisco, Boston, Toronto, and Chicago, and then, it says, quickly expand to more cities.
  • John Oliver did a piece on credit reports in the employment process.
  • A few years ago, who would have thought there’d be a conference just on gaming in the workforce?
  • A company called Campus Pursuit is recruiting using a music video.
  • A fellow out of Sacramento named Rick Singer, who’s the CEO of KEY Worldwide, is working on a 501(c)(3), aimed at matching students with paid internships. Called Key Interns, it has a designer, a marketer, and a data developer working on a launch in about two months. Key Interns will provide assessments to match soft skills with job posts either by searching job boards, or by building a profile on employers when it can. Employers will pay $100 to post jobs and take an assessment. Students will pay $200 and get “five right fit jobs filtered for them” by the assessment results, as well as by major, location, GPA, and test scores. Future targets include moms re-entering the workforce, and veterans leaving active duty.
  • Ongig has a list of the most-used applicant tracking systems.
This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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