The State of Middle Management, LinkedIn’s New Research on Talent Leaders, and More!

A compilation of interesting recruiting stories from around the web.

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Aug 23, 2023

We normally publish a compilation of articles curated from around the internet on Fridays, but this week features an extra dose of recruiting intelligence. Here’s what of interest thus far this week.

The plight of the middle manager. A new McKinsey report goes deep into the state of middle management. More specifically, it offers new ways of thinking about what it means to be a middle manager today vs. in the past. (McKinsey)

LinkedIn offers surprising findings about the career journeys of talent leaders. The platform’s new research into the careers of 100,000 L&D and 500,000 TA leaders reveals demographic insights, along with information on talent functions, promotions, and more. (LinkedIn)

CareerBuilder launches Pay Per Resume. The new offering will allow employers to pay only for the resumes they actively search for and review. (HR Tech Feed)

What the hell is happening with Japan’s labor market? It’s tight. As in really tight. As in 4 in 10 employers hiring people who are 70+ years old. That’s how tight. This is a terrific story about the talent crunch happening in Japan. Be warned. It can happen here, too. (Quartz)

“Humans are underrated.” So points out this article. And yet, aren’t humans the ones predicting an employment apocalypse thanks to ChatGPT? Their forecasts, however, should not be trusted. (Slate)

Did Olive Garden ask illegal questions during interviews? The EEOC thinks so. The federal agency is claiming that the restaurant subjected a job applicant with a disability to discriminatory hiring practices. For example, a hiring manager allegedly asked a candidate with a cane what was “wrong with” the applicant and how “bad” his disability was. (JD Supra)

The first-ever AI discrimination lawsuit has been settled. A tutoring company agreed to pay $365,000 as as result of the EEOC charging that its AI selection tool rejected women applicants over 55 and men over 60.  (SHRM)

Rules for AI hiring tools begin to take shape. Speaking of AI and lawsuits, this is a great, concise summary of where we are with the law and AI with regard to recruiting. An especially interesting point is that there lacks any clear direction as to which people or entities will qualify to be auditors to determine compliance. (Politico)

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