The Right Domain Name Makes A Difference #2

Jan 30, 2008

A couple of things about domain names. is far better than all of the other extensions. When people see www.something.something, they will remember it as www.

It has to be the kind of name that allows your audience to know exactly what they will find there when they get there. If you place people in the video industry, would be a real good name to have. It’s better than in my opinion but in every case it will be different. In this case, this is what I think.

Before you start thinking about wonderful website functionality and all that fancy stuff, you need content and the way to get it is by writing it and using something called RSS. Set up a blog on either wordpress or blogger and point your new and perfect domain at that blog. It’s easy to do.

Start writing about things that will interest your target audience – both candidates and clients. Make sure your articles are rich with keywords that your target audience will certainly include in search strings while doing things related to their current job.

The wonderful thing about a good domain name is when you do decide to take it to the next level, your domain name will start showing as sponsored links on Google. Because it’s a great name, people will remember it even if they don’t click it. It’s so cheap to get a Google ad campaign going.

Write about current searches and provide industry updates. You can interview industry leaders in your field and write about disaster situations that could have been avoided (no names of course)

If you are a successful recruiter and you own a domain name/blog called, the world is your oyster and almost everyone you call will call you back. It’s true.

The good thing at the end of it, is that if and when you decide to get out of the business, you have an additional asset that may be of interest to a potential buyer. If the name is good and “out there” in cyberspace – it will be of interest. Writing on a regular basis will get your domain name “out there”.

If your average fee is 25k-50k, there is no way you could ever convince me that paying 75k for the perfect domain name is a bad investment. Of course you need the money. It helps.

A Domain Name Blog RSS I set up

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