The Proof Is in the Planning: Winning the Pursuit of Passive Candidates

Feb 2, 2017

You’ve synced with the hiring manager, crafted the perfect Boolean string, and run a search that yielded hundreds of potential prospects.

Now what?

It is a widely accepted sentiment within sourcing and recruiting that identifying talent is the easy part. However, it is the engaging, nurturing, and hiring of passive professionals that presents the real challenge.

The Problem

A recent Indeed study revealed that “71 percent of people in the labor force … are actively looking [for] or open to a new job.”

Still, many recruiters miss an opportunity to engage these primed and passive prospects by being ill-prepared, poorly researched, or pitching a role before fully understanding the needs of the candidate.

“It’s frustrating to not feel heard. I’d like recruiters to understand my unique skills and what I’m looking for in my new role before pitching me a job.” — Passive Candidate, 2015 LinkedIn Talent Trends Report

Simple steps like keeping your message short to optimize for mobile and finding common ground to spark an initial conversation are time-tested and recruiter-approved techniques.

The Path

In the upcoming Jobvite-sponsored webinar, “Winning the Pursuit of Passive Candidates,” recruiting veteran Tangie Pettis explores the ways recruiters can create personal connections designed to woo prospects who are not actively engaged in a job search.

One of the most critical takeaways of the webinar serves as a critical reminder to recruiting professionals in all industries and at all levels, from junior to senior. It is just as important to coach your hiring manager as it is to sell your candidate.

The Pursuit

“The key to successful candidate nurture is understanding how to engage candidates in a time efficient way, without overloading them with messages, being irritating or spammy,” notes Ben Slater of recruiting CRM Beamery.

Patience is indeed a virtue when pursuing passive talent. Having a systematic approach that defines the when and why of your messaging will ensure strong returns.

To illustrate the importance of nurturing prospects, Pettis shares sample emails from candidates who have benefitted from her thoughtful engagement strategy over time.

Rounding out the webinar is the inclusion of three tangible tech tools that help recruiters deliver the right message via the right medium.

“Winning the Pursuit of Passive Candidates” outlines a comprehensive strategy that will take any recruiting professional from pursuit to victory.

Eager to learn more? Don’t miss this exciting webinar on Wednesday, February 15, 2017, at 2 p.m. Eastern time. Register here.

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