The New World of Social Media Recruiting, Part 2

May 28, 2010

Yesterday’s part 1 of this series detailed the right mix of marketing, PR, and social media for recruiters today.

Now we continue with the right ways to build your social media brand.

6 Steps to Build Your Social Media Brand

  1. Secure your vanity name on all social media sites. As mentioned earlier, the “Big Three” are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. For a full list, Google: [Social Media Websites]. Do this quickly, before another obtains your name. If your name is gone, a nickname or pseudonym could work. Choose your “handle” with your audience in mind.
  2. Write a professional bio. You might have two bios (short and long), but include your accomplishments, a professional photo “avatar,” and contact info. When writing your bio, think about your unique background and a broad audience. For help, review others’ bios and/or Google: [How to Write a Professional Bio].
  3. Learn how the social media sites work. Each has their own how-to page and lingo. Visit the sites. Observe, listen, and watch what others do and how they’re interacting. If a friend or colleague is an active user, ask for help. You might also Google: [How to Use Social Media Sites].
  4. Build your networks. On LinkedIn, send “Please join my professional network.” On Facebook, send “Be my friend” messages. On Twitter, follow people who seem interesting to you. Many will follow back.
  5. Join the conversation. Post what’s going on in your life. You might find something interesting or have something in common (work life, travel, food, sports, politics, etc.) Post a comment or respond. Engage others by asking questions. For example, “Do you …?” or “How do you …?”
  6. Link your networks. Most sites have areas to connect other sites. This enables “networking leverage.” By connecting your full network, you will maximize your reach and build your brand further.

An Investment in Time

Social media takes an investment in time, like building relationships with clients, candidates, and industry partners. Remember the two parts: “social” and “media.” Both should be integral to your marketing strategy and incorporated into daily/weekly activities.

Keep in mind the 5 Es of Social Media:

  • Enlighten
  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Empower
  • Engage

When used effectively, social media, marketing, and PR can be very powerful in building your brand and your recruiting business. All increase your name as an expert in your field: people find you; business flows to you; and your revenue increases.

Finally, you can create and manage your own brand.

It’s been said that LinkedIn is like going to the office, Facebook is like going home, and Twitter is like going to the bar. Hope to see you at the party!

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