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Jan 7, 2022
This article is part of a series called The Most Interesting Recruiting Stories of the Week.

Welcome to “The Most Interesting Recruiting Stories of the Week,” a weekly post that features talent acquisition insights and information from around the web to kick off your weekend. Here’s what’s of interest this week:

Top Articles to Read Now

Quitting Is Just Half the Story: The Truth Behind the Great Resignation

“Quitting, most economists will tell you, is usually an expression of optimism,” this article points out. “And yet, 2021’s quits happened against a larger economic picture that remains difficult to interpret with confidence. Pandemic-related cash from the government helped people weather the worst of Covid, but much of that cash is now gone.” So what’s really going on?

New York City Council Passes Salary Range Transparency Law

New York City is likely about to mandate that companies include salary ranges in their job posts. The law would make an employer’s failure to provide the salary range an unlawful discriminatory practice under the New York City Human Rights Law. Is this an oddity, or a harbinger of things to come nationwide?

Apple Aims to Prevent Defections to Meta With Rare $180,000 Bonuses

Apple is offering some of its engineers hefty out-of-cycle bonuses, which are being issued as restricted stock units. The shares vest over four years. Is this the wrong card to play, or is this an effective incentive to retain top talent? Time will tell.

More than Half of U.S. States to Institute a Minimum Wage Increase in 2022

While politicians continue to squabble over raising the minimum wage at the federal level, most states are moving ahead to raise the minimum wage in their own backyards. The highest state rate is in California, at $15.00 per hour, though the District of Columbia’s is even higher, at $15.20.

What Do You Think You Should Be Paid?

It’s a common interview question, and a way for recruiters to get around asking about salary history, which increasingly illegal in numerous areas. Still, this New York Times article takes a look at why this question is fraught with problems for candidates.

Recruiters Who Give Recruiting a Bad Name

There’s a reason that people hate recruiters. Sometimes, though, some recruiters dislike some other recruiters too — especially when they suffer a bad candidate experience. And it’s not just junior experienced guilty of mistreating candidates looking for recruiting roles. Turns out, even experienced executive recruitment practitioners embody the profession’s poorest stereotypes.

U.S. Workers With the Highest Wage Gains in 2021

Employees in the leisure and hospitality industry saw the biggest increases, with average hourly wages for hotels and restaurant workers 13.4% higher in November than the same month last year, according to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Workers in transportation and warehousing saw a 10.4% increase, the next biggest gain. Read who else earned more this past year.

Latino Groups Want to Do Away With “Latinx”

“Elected officials, a major newspaper and the oldest Latino civil rights organization in the U.S. have all spoken out strongly in recent weeks against the continued use of ‘Latinx,’ the gender-neutral term promoted by progressives to describe people of Spanish-speaking origin,” explains this story. Check it out for insights into the debate.

Conversation of the Week

‘Recruiters Who Give Other Recruiters a Bad Name’

Based on the ERE article cited above, there’s a terrific conversation happening in the ERE Facebook Group about this hot topic. Read what your TA peers are saying about this, and feel free to add your own views here.

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Recruiting Recruiters – Righteous Propositions & Unwavering Prioritization (Thurs, Jan 27)

Your recruiting strategy begins and ends with the very recruiters you recruit into your organization. Without the right recruiters, no technology or process will save you. This panel discussion will equip you and your team with the insights needed to attract the best recruiting talent the market has to offer, while navigating an unprecedented recruiting landscape fraught with challenges like astronomical recruiter compensation and candidate ghosting. Register here.

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This article is part of a series called The Most Interesting Recruiting Stories of the Week.
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