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Dec 17, 2021
This article is part of a series called The Most Interesting Recruiting Stories of the Week.

Welcome to “The Most Interesting Recruiting Stories of the Week,” a weekly post that features talent acquisition insights and information from around the web to kick off your weekend. Here’s what’s of interest this week:

Top Articles to Read Now

Glassdoor Workplace Trends for 2022

I generally hate year-end prediction articles. They’re never wrong because they are usually vague and largely say the same thing year after year. Glassdoor’s trends to watch next year is a bit different, though, because the company offers concrete stats to back up forecasts. Give it a read!

“Impossible” Logic Question in Job Application Sparks Fury

What started out as a Reddit discussion about the correct answer to a tough logic question on a job application eventually turned into an exploration of whether such a question is even useful or relevant in the hiring process. The dialogue included speculation that such assessments have an adverse impact on those with learning disabilities. “This is literally one of the tests used to diagnose ADHD,” someone commented. Check out the article for more!

UPS’ Expedited Hiring Process Offers Jobs in Under 30 Minutes

What do you do when you need to hire 100,000 workers for the holiday season ASAP? If you are UPS, you devise a process that results in a job offer in under half an hour. With competition for talent fierce, could UPS’ approach work year-round, and across other industries and organizations?

Recruiting is sales. Or it’s not. Where exactly is the intersection between recruiting and sales? It’s an age-old question that often divides TA professionals. (Not so much salespeople, who rarely give this any thought.) This article, by ERE tech columnist Lance Haun, takes a strong stance on this issue.

The Mad Scramble to Lead the Talent Marketplace Market

In this recent post, Josh Bersin writes about the state and the future of the talent marketplace, defined as “a unique and special HR platform that lets employees find internal positions, projects, and mentors without having to go through their boss. In other words, it’s a democratized way to manage a company: creating an open, employee-centered place where people can fulfill their aspirations.” It’s an important analysis that’s worth a read given that it directly impacts internal recruiting.

More People Quit to Take a New Job From an Old Boss

“Workers who want better pay and more flexible schedules are finding new jobs in a surprising but familiar place: their old organizations,” this article begins. “An increasing number of people, often dubbed boomerangs, are returning to companies they once worked for. Some left and worked at another firm for a time, while others simply left a company expecting to never come back. Now, many are returning and in some cases even working for their former bosses.”

QuitTok Videos Gain in Popularity

There’s been a lot of talk lately about TikTok as a platform to connect candidates with jobs. This isn’t that article. Just the opposite. As ex-employees share their stories of quitting their jobs on TikTok, the tag #quitmyjob has 194.7 million views, while #iquitmyjob has 41 million views. One has to wonder, though, whether this trend will last. Are we romanticizing quitting? After all, quitting a job is easy. Life after, often not so much.

TA, Stop Acting Like a Service Function

Recruiting leader Katrina Collier is never one to mince words, and that goes for her latest post on LinkedIn, in which she excoriates recruiters who fail to live up to the ideals of the profession. Check out what Katrina has to say about setting boundaries and becoming a better recruiter. Great advice!

Conversation of the Week

‘Recruiting Is Sales’

You’ve heard the phrase before. But what do we really mean by it? How true is it? How true should it be? And most importantly, are recruiters potentially thinking about their professional in extremely wrong ways by equating the work to that of salespeople? There’s a terrific conversation happening in the ERE Facebook Group about this hot topic. Read what your TA peers are saying about this, and feel free to add your own views here.

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Recruiting Recruiters – Righteous Propositions & Unwavering Prioritization (Thus, Jan 27)

Your recruiting strategy begins and ends with the very recruiters you recruit into your organization. Without the right recruiters, no technology or process will save you. Join this webinar to learn the art and science of recruiting for recruiters. You’ll gain insights to attract the best recruiting talent, while navigating an unprecedented recruiting landscape fraught with challenges like astronomical recruiter compensation and candidate ghosting. Register here.

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This article is part of a series called The Most Interesting Recruiting Stories of the Week.
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