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May 6, 2022

Welcome to “The Most Interesting Recruiting Stories of the Week,” a weekly post that features talent acquisition insights and information from around the web to kick off your weekend. Here’s what’s of interest this week:

Top Articles to Read Now

The Talent War Is Burning Out Hiring Managers

“A staggering 75% of respondents [in Greenhouse’s Hiring Manager Sentiment Report] expect hiring to become an even bigger challenge for the rest of the year, and more than four in five (84%) say they’re burned out. Three-quarters of hiring managers believe candidates are only becoming more demanding when it comes to perks and benefits, which leaves their companies scrambling to level up,” according to Fortune.

How to Make an Offer Your Top Candidate Won’t Turn Down

“Veteran talent acquisition leader John Vlastelica calls this one of the most competitive environments many recruiters have ever experienced, noting that he’s seen job acceptance rates at some organizations plunge from 90% a few years ago to 40% today,” explains this LinkedIn Talent Blog article. Give it a read to discover tips for how to help you seal the deal with candidates.

Despite Hurry to Hire, Employers Overlook Workers With Resume Gaps

“Caregivers, older workers, workers with disabilities, and workers with criminal backgrounds each bring unique skills but face barriers to opportunity,” according to HR Dive. “But first, employers may need to adjust their policies and processes to break down the barriers each group faces.”

Desperate for Talent? Consider Advancing Your Own Employees First

According to Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge: “As the pandemic eases and businesses ramp up, the old belief that low-wage jobs will always have high turnover needs to be reimagined, says Joseph B. Fuller, co-chair of the project and a professor of management practice at HBS.”

United’s New Pilot School Readies Its First Class for a More Inclusive Cockpit

“For the longest time, especially to minority communities, becoming a pilot has been been an out-of-reach career,” according to Skift. “Today, United’s Aviate Academy is taking strides to change that, defining true accessibility for everyone and along the way addressing a pilot shortage holding all of aviation back.” Read on to learn how UA’s own aviation academy is helping the airline attract and leverage talent.

How Technology Reduces Barriers to Hiring International Workers

According to SHRM, “hiring internationally presents unique challenges, including navigating immigration laws, conducting virtual recruiting and onboarding for remote workers, paying overseas contractors accurately and on time in different currencies, and other requirements many companies aren’t equipped to handle on their own.” Read on to gain insights on the role of tech to facilitate these and other tasks.

98% of Business Articles Never Talk About This

“Only 2% of articles from leading management journals ever mention the word [luck],” I point out an story. “Perhaps that’s because while we understand the meaning of luck, no one can really explain its impact on business. So as with many things in life, what we can’t explain, we downplay or ignore.” However, your ability “to attract candidates, fill reqs, you name it is often greatly determined by luck.”


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