The Most Interesting Recruiting Stories of the Week

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Apr 22, 2022
This article is part of a series called The Most Interesting Recruiting Stories of the Week.

Welcome to “The Most Interesting Recruiting Stories of the Week,” a weekly post that features talent acquisition insights and information from around the web to kick off your weekend. Here’s what’s of interest this week:

Top Articles to Read Now

Warning: Even Your Committed Employees Are Being Recruited

New Gallup research shows that there’s been 57% rise since 2015 in the number of non-job seekers being actively recruited. Read this article for insights on what this means in terms of engaged vs disengaged workers.

What If the Future of Work Is Exactly the Same?

“The zeitgeist is characterized by a certain sense of optimism about the future of work and the power of the worker,” points out this Vox article. “Wages are rising (albeit not as fast as inflation), especially for the lowest-wage workers. Companies are scrambling for employees, in turn giving those employees more bargaining power…But what does the future of work actually look like for the majority of Americans whose jobs require them to show up in person?”

Case Study: How a S.C. Hotel Hires Workers With Disabilities

From Skift: “Many travel companies want to foster a workforce where everyone, regardless of circumstances, can thrive. But many companies wonder how to go about doing this. The example of The Shepherd Hotel in Clemson, South Carolina, suggests one path.”

Republican Senators Have a Plan to Fix the ‘Dysfunctional’ Federal Hiring Process

“Two Republican senators are looking to revamp federal hiring, proposing new legislation to ease restrictions on the onboarding process and removing many of the barriers agencies typically face when recruiting new staff,” according to Government Executive. “Under the bill, agency leaders would be able to make temporary appointments in one year increments, which could be extended to three years of total service. They could also make term appointments for employees to serve up to 10 years. If the position were originally slated for less than six years, the employee would only be eligible to serve in the role for up to six years.”

For Some Employers, Pay Equity Is Nonnegotiable — Literally

“At Magoosh, making candidates a good offer is nonnegotiable,” begins this HR Dive article. “Literally. The company doesn’t allow job seekers to negotiate their salaries or benefits…Foregoing salary negotiation is a less common practice, to be sure. Only a few other companies — Reddit, for example — have publicly committed to the practice.”

Serena Williams Invests in Hiring Platform

“Serena Williams has made a strategic investment in job interviewing platform Karat to support the company’s goal of doubling the number of Black software engineers in the United States,” according to “The tennis icon will aid Karat’s Brilliant Black Minds interview program that aims to help the tech industry hire more than 100,000 Black engineers over the next decade.”

States Look to Community Colleges to Fill Labor Gap

“[A]mid a labor shortage that has baffled businesses and slowed the nation’s economic rehabilitation,” reports this Pew article, “policymakers, community college administrators and private businesses in several states are fueling new workforce-oriented initiatives, from tuition incentives and paid apprenticeships to boot camps…”

The Fairness Perception Problem Plaguing Recruiting

“Many organizations will have to rethink and revise their people practices, pay scales, and working conditions, all of which are essential to perceptions of fairness and a positive employee experience,” writes Talent Board’s Kevin Grossman on “Employers will also need to keep one other thing in mind as they work to mend their reputations: Perceived fairness isn’t limited to the employee experience. It begins with the candidate experience.”


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This article is part of a series called The Most Interesting Recruiting Stories of the Week.
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