The Hypocrisy of Employers That Say They Hire for Skills

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Feb 27, 2024

Employers say they value skills-based hiring. But they don’t actually. That is the major finding of a new report by Harvard Business Review and The Burning Glass Institute. Their research shows that while companies are dropping degree requirements, they are not changing how they actually hire. (The Burning Glass Institute)

Companies are ignoring NYC’s AI hiring law. The statute requires employers to disclose how algorithms screen job candidates. So far, however, relatively few companies are sharing those details. (The Wall Street Journal)

Nearly half of organizations say building a talent pipeline is their top priority this year, but… Of course there is a “but.” Turns out, 68% of employers find it challenging to reach their target audience when recruiting. Check out more details in Symphony Talent’s “State of Recruitment Marketing in 2024” report. (Symphony Talent)

A new bill aims to help candidates without bachelor’s degrees. According to SHRM: “The legislation would amend the Fair Labor Standards Act to ensure that job applicants who do not possess a bachelor’s degree are not pre-emptively rejected by automated screening systems without consideration of alternative experience such as military service, community college or training programs.” (SHRM)

The market for tech jobs has taken a dip. Tech-related job postings are 25% below pre-pandemic levels, declining 2.7% in the last three months, according to Indeed Hiring Lab. There’s also good news, though: “Out of the 47 total sectors tracked by Indeed, job postings as of Feb. 16 were down compared to pre-pandemic levels in only 8 sectors — the level of opportunities in the remaining 39 sectors is still above pre-pandemic baselines.” (Indeed Hiring Lab)

Your former colleague lied to get a job. Now what? Check out this piece for more context. columnist Alison Green answers this and some other thorny workplace questions. (Inc.)

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