The Employer Lawyer’s Worst Nightmare: The 15 Contract Crushers

Oct 15, 2010

Employer-generated recruiting agreements (placement service agreements or PSA’s) are now replacing traditional fee schedules at almost every large employer.  They are minefields filled with landmines ready to explode once you sign them.  We get many inquiries and complaints about PSA’s, but until this November, there has been no guidance on how to negotiate them successfully.

The November print issue of The Fordyce Letter will change that forever.  Jeff Allen uses his unique experience as a recruiter, HR manager, and the leading lawyer for our industry to help you get what you want in a PSA without losing the search assignment.  He will even answer subscriber questions about PSA’s at no charge.

This special analysis will ONLY be available for print subscribers and will instantly pay for your subscription and pay dividends for you as more and more clients insist on using their PSA’s.

Level the playing field, collect your well-earned fees, and do not get caught violating a PSA!

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