The Disappearance of Educational Requirements

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Feb 29, 2024

The disappearance of educational requirements from job postings. Fifty-two percent of U.S. job postings on Indeed did not mention any formal education requirement as of January 2024. Moreover, mentions of college degrees have fallen since 2019 in 87% of occupational groups analyzed by Indeed. (Indeed Hiring Lab)

Career websites face an emerging role as salary transparency cops. This story asks an interesting question among all the pay transparency laws recently passed: When and where might third-party service providers such as job search sites and recruiters be liable for violations? (Bloomberg Law)

The vast majority of background checks contain errors. From false-positive to false-negative results, there’s a serious problem among both private and regulated background-check services. Many of these errors are undoubtedly limiting opportunities for job seekers. (Wiley)

Workday plans to acquire HiredScore. As a press release from Workday points out, “With employers struggling to find the talent they need, and up to a quarter of jobs expected to change in the next five years, human resources leaders are facing an increasingly complex labor market. The combination of Workday and HiredScore will provide organizations with a comprehensive and intelligent talent acquisition and internal mobility solution to help them keep pace with growing workforce and business demands.” (Workday)

“I’m proud of being a job hopper.” A recent LinkedIn post by a Seattle-based software engineer has garnered a whole lot of attention as it speaks to corporate loyalty, pay, and more. (GeekWire)

An unanticipated retirement wave is happening right now in the U.S. A new model suggests that the U.S. has almost 3 million more retirees than previously predicted. That is surprising to some observers given other research indicating that employees are increasingly worried about their post-work savings. What’s going on? (SHRM)

Why Giant Food’s search for workers took it to a local prison. In a sign that the quest for talent knows no boundaries, this is an interesting story about how a grocer hires incarcerated people for roles as part of a work-release program. (HR Dive)

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