The Death of Fully Remote Work

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Dec 18, 2023

The death of fully remote work. In 2022, 34% of businesses asked workers to spend one day or less in the office. Today, that number is 1%, according to EY’s Future Workplace Index. (EY) Remote work, however, remains a steady presence in job ads. Almost 30% of posts on Indeed feature hybrid work arrangements. (Indeed)

More than half of U.S. companies plan to increase hiring in the coming year. Robert Half findings reveal that 57% of organizations will be hiring for new roles in the first half of 2024, a number on par with that of last year, 58%. (Robert Half)

Gig workers may soon be employees in Europe. The European Council and the European Parliament recently announced an agreement meant to clarify the employment status of gig workers. The conditions by which workers would be classified as employees may upend the gig economy on the continent. (The Register)

This ain’t your grandfather’s apprenticeships. It used to be that apprenticeships were strictly the domain of skills trades. Not so much these days. Apprenticeships have increasingly been popping up in all sorts of white-collar work. (Quartz)

The Great Retirement is coming. (I sort of hate myself for adding another “Great” anything to the work lexicon.) About 2.4 million workers over age 50 may retire early because they say they can’t keep up with technological changes. (Multiverse)

Still spooked by the prospect of hiring people with criminal records? Research shows that people continue to worry that people with a criminal past will relapse. But research also shows that the reality is often different. What will it take for employers to get past such common misconceptions? (Harvard Business Review)

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