The Best Way to Fight a Pandemic? Community.

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Mar 17, 2020
This article is part of a series called COVID-19 Coverage.

Things will get better. But first they will get worse.

We are living though a crisis of still unknown proportions, one that is impacting how all of us live and work — that is, those of us who still have jobs. There’s little doubt that the social and especially economic ravage of COVID-19 will lead to massive layoffs, furloughs, and numerous other upheavals for everyone.

Indeed, more than half of U.S. jobs — roughly 80 million — are or will be at risk due to the pandemic, according to an analysis by Moody’s Analytics. (Unless you’re Amazon, which is hiring 100,000 workers to keep up with a surge in online shopping.) It can therefore seem weird to think about hiring people when much of the world is entering a hiring freeze.

So now what? For starters, I encourage you to check out this TLNT post, which is rich in coronavirus-related links to resources.

Beyond that, look, I don’t have the best advice on how to navigate the currents of turmoil crashing against your company right now. But I know who does. You do. And so do your peers. If there were ever a time to network with other TA professionals, learn from each other, and lean on one another, it is now. At ERE, we’ve got an upcoming event and two groups to foster such community:

  • ERE Digital: Our recruiting conference originally planned in San Diego is now going virtual on April 16 – 17. That means that even more people have access to knowledge and discussions during the event (as well as post-event information.) Check it out.
  • ERE Facebook: This is a great place to exchange ideas and get counsel. Right now, there’s a robust dialogue about what adjustments TA leaders are making, or considering making, regarding their recruiting processes. There are also posts on internships, contingency hiring, and more. Come join the conversation for valuable insights and to share your own.
  • LinkedIn Group: From posts about remote hiring to recruiting veterans to you name it, this is a space to engage with fellow professionals on practices to move your organization forward through today’s tough times.

Am I using a pandemic to promote ERE’s groups and events? Yes, totally! Because I fervently believe what you likely already know — or should know — as a talent acquisition professional: It is your people who will ultimately get you through these calamitous times.

And by people, I mean all your talent. And by all your talent, I mean not just your CEO, not just your C-suite, not just your people managers, not just your HR function, not just your frontline workers. I mean everyone. Everyone inside your company. Everyone outside your company.

Everyone as in everyone.

I encourage you to rely on ERE’s community for help and comfort. Eventually, you will not get through this — but we will get through this.

This article is part of a series called COVID-19 Coverage.
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