Talent By The Numbers, II

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Feb 28, 2017

Some recent stats, facts, data, and figures in the talent-acquisition field, the job market, and the economy. If you have any good ones, let me know for next time.

36 … percent of of retailers that have a team dedicated to employer branding, according to SmartRecruiters.

63.9 … average retirement age of men, according to Boston College

61.9 … average retirement age of women

78  percent of Gen Z students in the U.S. who prefer in-person corporate training, according to Universum

50  percent of Gen X professionals in the U.S. say they prefer in-person corporate training

55 … percent of companies that used freelancers last year that expect to increase their usage in 2017, according to Upwork

128,000 … number openings for cybersecurity analysts in U.S., according to Cyberseek.

88,000 … number of professionals employed in these positions — a 40,000-person shortage.

60 … percent of LinkedIn’s traffic that comes from mobile devices.

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