SuccessFactors Wading Deeper in Social-Media-Referral Genre

May 23, 2013
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SuccessFactors Recruiting Social ReferralsThat marriage of employee referrals with social media first mentioned on these pages three years ago and chronicled with new launches and updates many times since continues, as SuccessFactors works on a social-media/employee referral tool as part of its recruiting product.

This system suggests people who your employees might know — using their Facebook and LinkedIn contacts — who might be a fit for an open job. Employees can then send those people a note. The tool also, graphically, can show you any money an employee may have earned for a referral (e.g. $500), as well as a cumulative total.

This took about six months to make. Meanwhile, in August, SuccessFactors, an SAP company, expects to launch an improvement to the tool, where an employee can more easily distribute jobs on social networks, including Twitter, to their social media “friends” and contacts.

SuccessFactors’ social referral updates (and onboarding updates too) is just a taste of the many recent new launches and updates, such as:

  • Flare, to spice up resumes.
  • And ACareerJob, for video resumes.
  • Mamiverse Jobs, for “Latina moms and families.”
  • I was looking at last night. One of the few recruiting startups I’ve seen out of Egypt, it collates people’s information from social media into a profile like this.
  • coconut palmsYes, there are new ways to use the word “job” in a recruiting startup — just ask JobCoconut, a new site for finding global jobs, such as searching for a job in Europe by language. Says the company, “If you are an internationally minded person and you are going nuts looking for sales jobs, education jobs, engineering jobs, medical jobs, IT jobs, you should go coconuts with JobCoconut.”
This article is part of a series called News & Trends.