Stop Being Like Other Healthcare Recruiters Using the Same Old Pitch

We review some of the top stories and give you a quick rundown. Plus, there's a LinkedIn post that has recruiters concerned.

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Mar 15, 2024

Stop being like other healthcare recruiters with the same sign-on bonus pitch! Everyone knows the challenges in recruiting nurses. You can’t be like others. Maybe you offer Bitcoin as part of the sign-on bonus. Either way, this article discusses the challenges healthcare Talent Acquisition leaders face in recruiting and retaining nurses. It highlights the nursing shortage that has worsened since the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, it identifies social media and generational differences as hurdles in the recruitment process.

  • Be more creative and adaptable when attracting nurses (Duh!)
  • Offer flexibility to retain experienced nurses (Um, duh again.)
  • Collaborate with academic institutions to strengthen the nursing pipeline
  • Streamline the recruitment process to improve candidate experience.

(Health Leaders Media)

Good news for Recruiters! Companies say they’re hiring again or say they say. There’s positive news for people looking for work! A recent survey shows that nearly half (48%) of US employers plan to increase their staff in the second quarter of 2024. Translation: we need more recruiters! This indicates an optimistic hiring outlook, especially in tech, manufacturing, healthcare, and finance sectors.

Recruiters, don’t get too pumped about it because the hiring growth is slightly down from the previous quarter, and some companies, particularly in tech and manufacturing, are still undergoing workforce reductions. (HR Brew Stories)


A LinkedIn post created many comments about a jobseeker with 200+ applications and AI. After 250 days of job searching and 203 applications, would AI be the solution for frustrated candidates who can’t find a job? A path graph showing the outcomes of the jobseekers’ journey led to nearly 140 comments. Feel free to join the AI vs recruiter debate on (LinkedIn)

LinkedIn post about AI and jobseekers' journey.


Hey Recruiters, want to work for a company with a solid employer brand? Here are the winners of Comparably’s Best Company Outlook of 2024 awards. These awards recognize companies that employees believe have the brightest futures based on anonymous feedback from those employees. The feedback considers how confident employees feel about the company’s success, how excited they are to go to work, and how likely they are to recommend the company to a friend. Top Golf, Workday, and ADP were the top three. The most interesting company name was Big Ass Fans. They were ranked #57. (Comparably)

Employees Are Staying Put! Recent data shows employees are less likely to job hop due to economic and political anxieties. And can you blame them? They’re prioritizing stability over career moves unless the new opportunity is exceptional. This creates a challenge for recruiters looking to attract top talent. The solution? Refine your Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Clearly communicate how your company fosters career growth and makes a positive impact. Strong EVP messaging, combined with skilled recruiters who can build relationships with candidates, will be key to winning over talent in this cautious job market.  (HR Brew)

CareerBuilder has something to say about AI; you need to be concerned. They acknowledge that AI is transforming how we hire. From screening candidates to scheduling interviews, AI is streamlining the process. But their recent survey also reveals concerns. Over 86% of respondents believe more AI training and education are needed. A lack of human touch and data quality were highlighted as top worries. Ethical considerations like bias and privacy are paramount, with 92% emphasizing their importance. The good news? CareerBuilder says this can be fixed with “fairness-aware algorithms” and human oversight are some of the strategies mentioned. (PR Newswire)


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