Splits Happen: A Focus on International Trends

Jan 28, 2009

At the end of Dave Nerz’s new show, Splits Happen, he answered a wide range of questions from viewers. Here are some highlights from the Q&A, along with the video recap of his show:

What’s Hot in Dubai…

The construction market in Dubai, for example, is resulting in “immense” job opportunities, according to Nerz.

“The biggest challenge is finding people who want to live in that environment,” he said.

“A lot is contract work, but it’s booming, the salary is very large, and the demand is quite great. The change in crude will affect that, but there is a significant amount of work there. Architectural designers or engineers can get work instantaneously,” he said.

How to Navigate International Laws and Regulations…

First, find someone local and “on the ground” who knows the local laws.

“The time it would take you to become proficient in local customs will be longer than you care to spend,” he said.

“Once you become more familiar with the local market, you can do more work direct. Look online, contact someone you know in your network who has worked that region, and find out how they did it,” he said.

What’s Up In South America…

He suggested that recruiters need to conduct research on market trends to find new, hot areas. For example, he said “Argentina is quickly starting to replace some of the international work historically done in India, such as outsourcing, and they are pretty much on our same time zones.”

How to Find Someone You Trust Globally…

It is a big risk, he noted, but you have to take a little bit of a test, dip your toe in the water, and confirm your agreement as much as possible.

“But if you’re a control freak, it’s going to be really unusual for you. In some cases, it’ll work out great, and in others, you could get burned. Things happen, but you have to look at is as a learning experience. If you ever tried to ride a bike, you probably fell off a few times…this is no different.”

* Please note that due to a technical glitch, the audio portion starts after 30 seconds.

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