Seven Criteria to Select the Right ASP

Sep 18, 2000

In my article The Birth of an Infosphere, I wrote about three revolutions taking place on the Web: the phenomenon of Disintermediation, the rise of the ASP model for software delivery, and the introduction of business exchanges. Here we’ll look more closely at the ASP model. ASP Delivery Application Service Providers (ASPs) are companies that provide access to software applications over the Web. ASPs represent a new business model for the sale and distribution of software, since they overturn much of the conventional thinking concerning the licensing and installation of software. Typically, an ASP offers business-critical applications on a pay-per-use basis, sometimes referred to as software for hire, or “apps-on-tap.” The ASP model can drastically lower the costs of software and services. With an ASP, access through a simple Web browser simplifies implementation and maintenance by the corporation’s internal IT staff. The ASP owns the software application, operates the servers that run the application, maintains the application and handles upgrades. ASPs for Recruiting Perhaps the most important aspect of the ASP model of software delivery for recruiting is that both corporate users and candidates are on the same universal network: the Internet. The application has the flexibility to treat the two groups as peers, allowing members of either group access to as much information as deemed necessary. The front-end public side for the candidates and back-end hiring management system (HMS) for the recruiters can be fully unified to take advantage of data flow and technology efficiencies. <*SPONSORMESSAGE*> In addition to technical benefits, ASPs allow for complete interconnectivity:

  • Total flexibility of access for the users. Recruiters and hiring managers just need a password and Web browser to access a full workflow and communication tool that is unique to the corporation, but with no technical burden.
  • Direct access for the candidates to their information in the database. This feature is truly crucial since it exploits the most powerful advantage of the Internet: its self-service aspect.
  • One-click access to the recruiting supply chain. Recruiters using a leading-edge Hiring Management System ASP can be only a click away from all their suppliers (e.g. external providers used in the candidate sourcing phase including newspapers, job boards, agencies). The power of a recruiting ASP is to allow you to communicate with all your providers in a fast, efficient way to save you time and money.

Seven Criteria To Select An ASP So, how can you select the best ASP solution? Apply these seven criteria to evaluate any ASP:

  1. Reliability is critical. You rely on the uptime of your provider, and should require a 99.9% uptime.
  2. Support is paramount. It is great to have a new tool, but useless if you are stuck with it. Demand serious tech-support; for a global organization, insist on 24-7 support.
  3. Features are only third because an application that is down or without a help desk is like having nothing! Review the key features to determine if they are truly mapping the best practices.
  4. Scalability is essential. Your usage and organization are open to expansion when using a distributed ASP model. Make sure the server farm and the technology used is high-end and scalable enough to ensure your long-term success.
  5. Security is vital. You want the data transaction to be secure and the ASP to be certified by a third party such as TRUSTe.
  6. Frequent upgrades are mandatory. Subscribing to an ASP is a partnership. Understand the product roadmap and frequent updates to make sure your solution is the best one.
  7. Pricing is strategic. As a service purchase, make sure you get pricing which is based on results for you. Getting a resume is not a result; getting a hire is a result!

ASP Benefits Best of breed Internet recruiting solutions, delivered on the ASP model, provide corporations with fully integrated front- and back-end functionality. An ASP-optimized process will gain cost-savings, speed and quality that is redefining how recruiting will be done by tomorrow’s leading corporations.

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