RecruitingBlogs Founder in New Venture

Sep 2, 2010
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The company behind recruiter blogging site has joined forces with the owner of to launch a new company and eventually turn the long-dormant site into a multi-featured portal.

The announcement was made today via press release and — appropriately — blog posts.

Jason Davis, the founder of RecruitingBlogs, has also relinquished his CEO title, promoting Miles Jennings to the job, while taking the job of EVP of Strategic Development. Ashley Saddul, a domain name trader who owned the name, joins the new company as CTO.

“This is a big move,” Davis told me in a conversation this afternoon. “We’re going to be building out a network. Everything is going to be tied together under”

Work is already afoot on pulling together elements from the flagship RecruitingBlogs site, as well as from other sites owned by Davis. Among these are,,, and Davis, who lives in Toronto, previously owned a search firm there.

Besides developing into a portal for the various sites, Davis and his associates plan to also build out, yet another site he owns. Right now, the site has only a splash page describing its future this way: “we will cover topics and best practices in HR technology, emerging trends in workforce management, personal development, and career management.”

Davis told me that (not to be confused with the membership site is where the heavy lifting is right now. “Behind the scenes we are building We’ve been talking to writers, lining up people for content,” he says. First out, though, will be a newsletter.

Plans, of course, are just that. However, Davis has a successful track record. He built into a recruiter blogging aggregation site before selling it to Jobster in 2006. Later, he launched RecruitingBlogs. He also hinted that something would be out soon, saying the new company,, LLC, would be making an announcement in “two or three weeks.”

“There’s a lot of exciting things going on.”

So why would Davis surrender the CEO job at just this point?

“It just comes from knowing my strengths,” says Davis, who is proudly, if ironically, nicknamed Slouch. “Miles (the new CEO) is excellent at getting things done. He has that skill to keep focused and grow it, to build it.”

“I’ve taken it (the RecruitingBlogs network) as far as I can with me as the head of it all,” Davis add.  “I’m moving into a position where I can think.”

“I can work through the ideas and the pieces,” he adds, “and make introductions.”

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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