Recruiting Equals Knowledge Management

Feb 25, 2014

Knowledge management is defined as the efficient handling of information and resources within a commercial organization. That sounds a lot like the hiring process. Ultimately it is the goal of those involved in the hiring process to get all the relevant information to make an informed hiring decision. In this regard a lot of data is involved in recruiting. Consider a few ways everyone involved in the hiring process can improve his or her knowledge management efforts to improve the hiring process.

Hiring Managers

Hiring managers have the most crucial role involving knowledge management during the recruiting process. They provide knowledge in two key areas: what the job being filled encompasses and what the ideal candidate is for the role. Even with the best recruiters and candidates available, if the role being filled isn’t clearly defined, all efforts are in vain. Therefore it knowledge management in the form of intake meetings and properly documented requisition requests is crucial.

Following defining the role is the need for hiring managers to clearly communicate what type of candidate is needed for the role. This is more than just a wish list or list of benchmarks. This involves providing the recruitment team with the information needed for proper talent identification.


Candidates have a two-way focus concerning knowledge management. Candidates must provide the organization with the details of their qualifications while also ingesting knowledge about the organization and role to determine if there is a mutual fit. For showcasing talent, the candidate relies on various methods such as resumes, cover letters, transcripts, and interviews to transfer the proper knowledge to hiring professionals. Candidates should understand what content is relevant to decision makers and present this in a clear manner. Besides the basic information found on a company’s About Us page and total rewards package, candidates should dig into company culture and the facets of employment which will determine their level of engagement and satisfaction within a role.

Recruiting Professionals

Recruiting professionals are the facilitators of knowledge management during the hiring process. First they must identify what knowledge is needed from both the hiring manager and candidate and then retrieve it from both sides and communicate it appropriately … then with the proper knowledge, guide both the candidate and hiring manager through the recruiting process. Recruiting professionals also have various methods and tools for obtaining information such as applicant assessments, industry data, and information gathered from sourcing activities.

Recruiting professionals have to manage this information and determine which are relevant to the hiring decision. Recruiting professionals also work with an organization to create and present an employer brand. This brand and other relevant information must be disseminated through the company website, career page, job advertisements, recruiting collateral, and the messages communicated by both the recruiting team and other individuals involved in the hiring process.

Knowledge management is essential to all operations within an organization. Recruiting is no different and very much relies on proper knowledge management. When there is a focus on knowledge management ,the byproducts of recruiting can be positively impacted. Hiring managers receive better candidates by communicating what is needed for a role. Candidates make better decisions being fully informed about the role being offered. Recruiting professionals serve the organization better and can work to improve retention and quality of hires by being empowered with the information they need and facilitating knowledge management efforts among all involved in the hiring process. Knowledge management is almost synonymous with recruiting and is one of the keys to talent acquisition.

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