Recession Recruiting, Candidate Care, and Credit Checks

Feb 24, 2010
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ere-community-logoHere’s what’s going on in the ERE community this week:

  1. Top 5 reasons to use a recruiter regardless of market conditions
  2. Should recruiters care about candidates?
  3. Is there an easier way to find creditworthy candidates?
  4. Covering traveling expenses for candidates
  5. Featured group of the week: Corporate recruiters

1. Why using a recruiter always makes sense

Kirk Abraham argues that using a recruiter makes sense no matter what the markets are doing. Kirk goes on to say, “In most cases, this is a contingency environment.  This means, the recruiting resources are deployed on the front end and it doesn’t cost the company a nickel until they decide to hire someone.”

Do you think there are instances when companies don’t need a recruiter? Weigh in now.

2. Why should recruiters care about candidates?

Nick Price says that there is a temptation in this economy to go the easiest route even though it may hurt the candidate experience. He throws down to recruiters who treat candidates poorly, saying, “Those in recruitment have a responsibility to manage this — not just for the sensible approach to managing the organisation’s reputation, but also out of respect for the person who is applying for a job.”

Are workloads too demanding for recruiters to do a great job at candidate care?

3. Is there an easy way to find creditworthy candidates?

Mark Walker writes in the forum, “Does anyone have any suggestions when it comes to sourcing candidates with satisfactory credit? My employer requires that applicants have no collection items, charge-offs, liens, etc. Basically all accounts on the credit report need to be up to date, no past due accounts. We don’t check or look at credit scores. Due to the economy it has been a challenge finding Call Center Reps and Financial Counselors that meet our credit check requirements. Any suggests?”

Have any tips for Mark? Leave a comment for him in the forum.

4. Covering traveling expenses for out-of-town candidates

Sarah Widner asks the forum, “With the economy the way it is, how typical is it for employers to pay for travel for out-of-town candidates? Are there any statistics on this?”

What is your experience with paying for travel recently? Is it tougher to convince execs that it is worth the money? Give Sarah some feedback on her question.

5. Featured group: Corporate recruiters

The corporate recruiter group on ERE was created by Irene Wolinski and features corporate recruiters sharing best practices and being a sounding board for tough recruiting assignments. Two of the more recent discussions have revolved around how to best create a new hire orientation video and how to get average cycle time data for recruiting. If you’re a corporate recruiter and need a group of people to bounce ideas off, this is a great place to start.

To see what else you’ve been missing, check out the ERE community.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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