Rec Radar Splits Network Q&A

Dec 9, 2009

logoFor those who aren’t aware of the Rec Radar, it’s a splits network that launched in March 2008. Currently, recruitment agencies and individual recruiters join the network for free and can list unlimited positions or candidates available to split or for direct hire placement. These job listings appear on recruiters’ “radar” for two months, and after two months, the job listings either fall off “radar” or can be renewed.

The company has now extended its service to employers and candidates, essentially allowing HR departments and employers to load their positions onto the network.

We recently chatted with Managing Director Peter Fowler to learn more:

Q: What is the fee to recruiters or candidates?

A: There isn’t any charges for candidates. Recruiters can join for free and post positions and candidates for free. For a recruiter-to-recruiter split we charge 5% commission of the placement fee, so for a guaranteed placement, both recruiters receive 47.5% of the placement fee. For a position posted by an employer we charge 15%, and the successful recruiter receives 85% of the placement fee.

Q: What is the typical percentage for these split placements overall?

A: The percentages for a majority of the positions range from 15%-20% of the salary.

Q: Why did you decide to offer this to employers and companies now?

A: We opened this area up because of requests from member agencies to allow employers to post positions directly for them to fill so we analyzed this and conducted market research and found a number of companies had interest in this service to facilitate their PSA requirements. A lot of them have issues when they have multiple suppliers presenting the same candidates. With Rec Radar, a candidate can only have one agent, so this alleviates this issue for them.

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