Reasons for Canadian Worker Loyalty Depend on Language

Jun 8, 2010
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Here’s a curious tidbit from the Great North: money is important to all workers, but French Canadians say “interesting/challenging work” is a more important reason for their loyalty to an employer.

In a recent online poll by Monster Canada, 32 percent of French Canadian workers chose  work in answer to the question “Which factor would make you most loyal to an employer?” Only 15 percent of English Canadians  picked that as the most important factor for loyalty.

Instead, for 31 percent of the English respondents, “good pay and benefits” were #1.That was most important for 27 percent of French respondents.

There were other key differences between English and French workers. For 25 percent of English Canadians, their coworkers and a great boss were most important to keeping them loyal to an employer. Only 18 percent of French Canadians thought that important.

Advancement was more important to English workers (15 percent) than to French workers (9 percent), but both groups were just about equal in citing recognition as the reason for their loyalty.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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