Quality Hire? Try Hiring Quality, Says One Startup

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Dec 20, 2016
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A Scottish startup launching around the first quarter of 2017 says it will measure what it calls “hiring quality,” encompassing more than just whether an individual was a good hire but something more expansive.

Quality of hire is a coveted recruiting metric, and a number of folks have looked for new ways to measure it, which for talent acquisition presents a challenge when its relationship with the new employee may have ended months before the quality is measured. Quality of hire’s even now on Wikipedia and part of ERE’s new benchmarking tool.

Anyhow, Talenytics says what it wants to do is “understand the overall hiring quality of your organization.”

Briefly, what happens is hiring managers and recruiters define the criteria that are important in a candidate. The recruiter submits candidates to the manager, with some initial scores given against those criteria. During the interview process, whoever is assessing the candidates scores the candidates against the criteria, allowing managers to see who ranks higher and lower, and why.

In addition to a candidate quality score, the system measures whether recruiters and managers are happy with the hiring process. So you end up with a candidate quality score, a process quality score, and together a hiring quality score.

The tool began as a tool being used by an RPO for its clients. It’s being rolled out to some beta clients. It envisions customers having at least a five-person talent-acquisition team, with 1,000+ employees in the company.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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