Partnering With Your Organization

Feb 7, 2001

Most recruiters look at recruiting as their sole responsibility. But in fact, recruiting should be the responsibility of each and every employee in your company. You know how difficult it can be to recruit for a company that is not a household name or offering the hottest new product on the market today. If this is the case, then recruiting can be even more of a challenge than it already is in this tough job market. Below are some ideas of how to creatively involve other employees and partner with departments within your company to help out in the recruiting effort. Everyone is a Recruiter No matter what an employee’s role is within your company, they can be a recruiter. Everyone has friends and their friends have friends. This is a great way to get the word out about openings within your company. If the employees like the company that they work for, then they are more likely to spread the word about job openings because they like where they work. If they like where they work, then it is going to be important that the company continues to hire new employees that they will enjoy working with. What better way to hire new employees than through a referral? Work with the Marketing Department Many recruiters recruit for their marketing department, but often over look them as a valuable recruiting resource. If you look at the marketing department’s goal, it is similar to the staffing department’s goal: getting the word out about your company. Marketing is more concerned about educating the public or their customers about your company’s products and services, but they can also become a valuable extension to the recruiting function. Marketing people usually attend industry trade shows as part of their function. Just think about the people who attend these shows: customers, potential customers and your competitors. If you stop and think about it, how many times have you talked with a hiring manager and they have told you they want someone from your competitors? I would guess you hear that quite often. If this is the case, then the shows that your marketing department attends could be a gold mine for locating talent. You can go from booth to booth talking to your competitors and gathering information about who the key people are within their respective companies. Many times there are not only sales and marketing people at these booths but technical people as well. You never know who you will end up talking to! One word of caution: be careful not to recruit your customers. They may be ideal candidates, but there is no quicker way to get into hot water than recruiting a customer. Customers don’t make good candidates, but they can be useful by way of providing other referrals of other potential candidates that are not customers or potential customers. Work with the People at the Top What I mean is try and work with people on the executive staff to help get the word out about your company. Executive board members are a great way to not only get the rest of your companies employees in line with assisting in the recruiting function, but they are usually more of a public figure and are quite involved in the community. If, for example, your CFO is giving a presentation to a local group, it is a perfect time for him/her to build up your organization’s reputation and mention that there are many great opportunities within your company for employees to enjoy. Usually the groups that these executive board members speak to are industry-related, so you never know who in the audience may be listening. If they like what they hear, they might just inquire about positions at your company. Conclusion You can make your job easier if you enlist the help of other employees as well as other departments, like marketing, and upper management. By utilizing all of your sources, you can ensure that your recruiting message is spread far and wide. <*SPONSORMESSAGE*>

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