Overqualified? Not For McDonald’s

May 3, 2013

McDonalds job adAre you sure you want to reject that former CFO who applied for an accounting manager job because she’s “overqualified” for the job?

In Massachusetts, a McDonald’s franchise advertised for full-time cashiers who “smile while serving lots of guests daily” and have at least a year of experience. And, oh yes, a B.A is required.

That’s what the ad said, though after the Huff Post got a hold of it, the franchise owner insisted it was all a big mistake by some job board.

The irony here is that although a college degree for a fast food cashier would seem to be overkill — and was —  it surprised almost no one. The Wall Street Journal, quoting government data, reported that last year almost 300,000 college graduates were working at minimum wage jobs.

Hmmm. The Huff Post says the average starting wage for a Mickey Ds cashier is $7.67 an hour. In Oklahoma, you can get $9 an hour, and college is not required.

Staffing Branding

Tired of accidentally answering the phone only to hear yet another pitch from a staffing or search firm? Steve Hutson must have been equally tired of making them. He’s taking his UK staffing firm in a bit of a different direction. He did away with commissions and fees. His Superstars firm is based on a subscription program. and he’s telling clients about it on You Tube.

You can probably tell in less than 10 seconds if you want to listen to a phone pitch. Knowing that, Hutson is betting on video to hook you for a full 2 minutes and 25 seconds.