Organizing and Starting the Candidate Search Process

Apr 23, 2008

Whether you are an account manager working all sides of the desk or a recruiter focusing strictly on locating top talent, when you start the candidate search process for a job order it is imperative that you cover all of your search bases. How many times have you gone to cover a search where you’ve randomly drifted from job boards to various databases and other tools? It often leads to frustration and lack of productivity. To help avoid this, here is a list of standard targets for generating candidate call lists: 

1.) Consider who you know. Just because your immediate contacts might not meet the qualifications of the current search doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be networking with them. The trusted working relationships that you’ve developed are more likely to provide the necessary connections to the existing talent that you are seeking. It also establishes a deeper rapport with your contacts by seeking their guidance.

2.) Using an existing company database. Most recruiters have an abundance of information made available to them through a company database. The information often contains both active and passive candidates. It is important to remember not to forget to contact both the candidates and the company contacts as either could be linked to the sought talent.

3.) Employ job boards. By actively posting jobs and conducting resume targeting, you maintain a fresh resource of candidates. Don’t forget to always ask the million dollar question on each and every call — “Who else do you know that I should be speaking with about this position?” Just as you are amazed what complete strangers will tell you about their life stories while recruiting, you will be amazed at the results you get by asking this question on every call you make.

4.) Implement new emerging media trends into your trusted candidate sourcing techniques. There is a bevy of new media resources available like LinkedIn, a professional social networking site. There are also subscription-based digital rolodexes, like Jigsaw, that allow for you to trade business contacts. Blogs have become an ideal tool to stay abreast of industry movers and shakers. Trade publications and trade association websites are also a great tool for sourcing new contacts. Most publications and sites include lists of their member names and conference attendees.

5.) Exercise your cold calling techniques. What truly differentiates the best in the candidate search business is the ability to cold call and generate new relationships. Start with the creation of target lists for competitive companies and utilize tools like Harris or OneSource to help you generate existing names within the companies. It also is helpful to spend time online visiting competitor websites to review recent news announcements for names to add to your cold call list. No one likes to do it, but it’s a trusted means to help build your network.

So what are you waiting for? Stop looking for the magic wand every time you begin a new search. The process hasn’t changed. Take the steps to insure that you have investigated every means that could possibly result in finding the prime talent your client is looking for. Use your resources in a smart manner, and you will always end the competition on a happy note. Competition? That’s right… Who is going to find the top talent first? You? Your client? Your competitor? So get ready…on your mark, get set… Go!

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