No, Most People Do Not Actually Hate Their Jobs

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Dec 11, 2023

The persistent myth that Americans hate work. “What if Americans are happy at work?” this story asks. This is a great piece exploring, and perhaps debunking, one of the most common workplace narratives. (The Atlantic)

A sizable number of California employers are not complying with the state’s law on salary disclosure in job posts. Sure, 70% of California’s job posts on Indeed now include pay details, up from 33% before the law took effect. But what’s happening with the other 30% of posts? (Bloomberg Law)

AI poses less of a threat to jobs than it does to wages. New research from the European Central Bank indicates that “computerization decreased the relative share of employment of medium-skilled workers, resulting in polarization.” However, “the relationship between software exposure and employment changes is null for the pooled sample, and there is no evidence of software replacing routine medium-skill jobs.” (Quartz)

Creative strategies for recruiting talent during a labor shortage. Numerous industries continue to face challenges around finding enough workers. To address this, some areas have relaxed child-labor laws. But presumably, you’re not looking to rely on children to staff your company. So what can you do? (Harvard Business Review)

Recruiters need to eat their own dog food. Say what now? Spoiler alert: No one is suggesting you eat a helping of Purina. Rather, this article recommends that you practice “dogfooding,” which Techopedia defines as using your own products. (LinkedIn Talent Blog)

Blue-collar hiring ramps up. White-collar hiring not so much. It’s a tale of two job markets. One shows an increase in jobs and wages, while the other is headed in the opposite direction. (NBC News)

Spotify is cutting about one-fifth of its staff. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, one of the employees is the company’s CFO. (The Verge)

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