New Startups Tackle Gamification, Referrals

Jun 3, 2015
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Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 1.29.14 PM Junkies of the ERE Daily newsletter may already know the recent news from Gild and HireVue, as well as launches of startups like Drafted, TARA, Stanby, and many more. I’ve got two more for you, one launching today for employee referrals, and another in the works, aiming to make the application experience a little more gamey and fun.

The first site is ReferralMob, an app where people can earn $3-6,000 for referring someone to a job. If the person you referred isn’t hired, you can still build up points and get prizes. “We basically crowdsource recruiting to the general public,” the founder told me today. He acknowledges that there are other referral startups, but says this one includes machine learning as well as human resume screening, a guarantee, and has a better candidate experience with fewer clicks. Jonathan Samuels says they’re based in Boston, have raised $1 million, and are looking to expand around the end of the year.

Meanwhile, I talked today with Tamer Rafla, who was behind the Hironomy site. Rafla’s not so sure job candidates want to spend their time taking assessments, which isn’t great news for his Hironomy. But he’s working on an idea for a new site. Klujo sounds awfully like a Stephen King movie to me, but it’s an interesting concept. Rafla’s looking for feedback and funds, but the short of it is he’s trying to bring a little gamification to the job application process.

This app isn’t a game exactly. An employer, as an example, would use Klujo to make a “careers” tab on Facebook and post a job there. Then, they’d create a little excitement around the job through a social media post. Instead of just distributing the job through a tweet with the job title, the system would help them craft something more interesting; perhaps you could tweet “would you recommend this job to your brainy nephew or niece graduating this year?” or something like that.

Like Hironomy, Klujo’s in Montreal.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.