New Contract Has Tech Staffing Firm Quickly Bringing on Employees, Recruiters

Feb 17, 2012
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An IT staffing company you probably haven’t heard of is quickly hiring employees and recruiters after it won some new business that it probably hadn’t dreamed it would.

XpertTech has already grown about 400% in six months money-wise, and in terms of employee size, from 12 employees to 61 employees in six months. Now it’s hiring 30 people in 30 days in the San Francisco Bay area for a mobile phone application project. It’s looking for designers, coders, and others. Joe Budzienski, the company’s executive vice president, is telling candidates, “Whether you have just graduated college and have been developing in your dorm room between classes, or have worked as a senior engineer who realized app development was your true calling, we want to speak with you. The only thing we ask is you live, breathe, and eat APPS!”

“To be trusted with this project is an honor,” says Budzienski. “It’s a very very prominent company, global.” One job listing on LinkedIn suggests the client is a banking company, as do some other posts.

The 30-day hiring blitz started Monday, and XpertTech has hired 12 of the 30 already.

It has received 13 calls today about the job. Though he says “passive recruiting” is on odd phrase and an oxymoron, Budzienski says that’s the route they’re taking. It has 245 open jobs and 38 recruiters who are mainly talking to employed people — not for any reason other than that most mobile-app types are employed.

Budzienski says his firm wants to “take everything we’ve seen wrong with the industry” and not do it. XpertTech is light on salespeople, and heavy on what he calls “relationship people, partner people.”

Though it’s hiring faster than planned, to some degree the firm has been preparing for all this. It had been building up a pipeline of candidates using a system called MaxHire, one that Budzienski gives a “ringing endorsement” and was selected in a process involving 10 original proposals, winnowed down to four, and then two finalists. XpertTech’s careers site will be upgraded soon; the company is working not just on the look and feel, but on integrating job listings with the back end (the API with the CRM, for acronym-ophiles).

Regarding the company’s quick growth and success, Budzienski says “this was never supposed to happen in the business plan, Todd. It’s a little overwhelming but we’re ready for the challenge.”

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.