Nerdery Needing a Few Fewer Nerds

Feb 19, 2013
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logo_nerderyYou may remember my post just last November about a company called The Nerdery.

The Minnesota company was trying to “drive 100 programmers to their rightful home.”

A quick update on that 100-nerds-in-100 days hiring spree: the pace is slowing down a bit. The Nerdery has hired just 34 out of the 100 people. And the company has cut 24 jobs.

Having said that, the Nerdery is still hiring. More about that in this interesting note here, including this from one of the co-founders:

We’ll still grow this year, but intend to do so at a more manageable pace – our current targets call for adding 77 staff between now and the end of the year versus 222 in 2012. To be clear, we’ll have no hiring freeze. We aren’t losing money, but running a thin margin means not saving up for a rainy day and a potential inability to handle bumps in the road. But most importantly, it made us risk averse, and we can’t afford to miss opportunities we should be taking advantage of.

A grassroots alumni network has formed for those involved in the layoffs. Also, the company had Paul DeBettignies put together a job search session, with tips on using resumes, social media, as well as finding email addresses. About half of the 24 people attended.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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