Just How Big the Mobile Business Is

Sep 30, 2011
This article is part of a series called Wake-up Call.

Master Burnett sent over the infographic at right (click on it, probably twice, to enlarge) that he put together with Dave Martin from Brave New Talent.

Burnett emailed to say: “The digital world is globally moving at a huge pace to mobile Internet. The explosion of the smartphone and tablet is taking over the pockets of the world and will over take desktop web in 2013. The recruitment industry took 15 years to migrate from printed media to Internet media. Recently the impact of social media has provided innovation in recruitment and a new level of community driven and web-driven hiring outside of the traditional job board. Disappointingly employers have failed to maximise the mobile web and mobile apps.

Given the intrinsic partnership between social media and mobile web, employers around the world must recognize the value being missed on mobile. The attached infographic illustrates the opportunity and the failure to adopt mobile recruiting solutions.”

Burnett’s with me at a mobile recruiting conference up in San Francisco.

If you’re curious, by the way, about the stat you see about 8 out of 100 corporate careers sites — that was a study to see whether the corporate career sites of the Fortune 100 determine if your browser is on a mobile device, and then serve you up mobile-optimized content. It’s a 1-5 scale, and Burnett says that “the fact that the observed average score is so low means that virtually all career sites are designed specifically for people sitting behind a desktop with a broadband connection.”

This article is part of a series called Wake-up Call.