Mine a Rich Seam of Talent Through Recruiting Transitioning Military Personnel

Sep 10, 1998

Every year over 280,000 military personnel transition out of the military and into the civilian workplace. These job seekers represent 280,000 highly trained and skilled resources for you! Thousands of companies have been recruiting transitioning military personnel through military job fairs and transition offices on military bases for years, but now there is an easier and quicker way to attract these high quality candidates. Online recruitment sites that specialize in helping employers market their employment vacancies directly to these potential candidates are able to provide employers with access to the resumes of these job seekers and promote employer’s job postings to this very targeted audience. Some of these sites include Corporate Gray Online ( or ), a partnership between the national recruitment site CareerWeb and Competitive Edge Services, and Transition Assitance Online (, sponsored by the Army/Navy Times. Top Companies like Wang, Airborne Express, Circuit City, Hughes Aircraft, and Boeing find that hiring transistion military personnel is beneficial because: 1. They possess skills that are in high demand in today’s employment market such as communications, technology, engineering and mechanical skills. And these job seekers represent a wide variety of workers from high level technology specialists to truck drivers and mechanics. 2. They are trained in leadership and team-building skills. 3. They have a strong work ethic. 4. Most have current security clearances. 5. They are relocatable at Uncle Sam’s cost. If you’re looking for flexible and skilled candidates try sourcing transitioning military personnel.