Massive Mobile Update

Aug 23, 2012
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The mobile web has been a long time coming, but it has arrived and it is here to stay. The big tech players are re-optimising their mobile channels.

Google has been investing time improving search on the mobile web. It recently announced a raft of visual changes for searches such as finance, currency conversion, holidays, etc. This is clearly the start of a serious mobile optimization program. A source inside Google shared that the global search volumes for mobile were overtaking global desktop searches.

The mobile optimization effort is paying off. The search results are significantly different on mobile and currently favor mobile-optimized sites. Is your recruitment site in or out of Google’s favor — are you mobile optimized?

Facebook has released a huge update to its iPhone app. It claims it is faster and easier to use. The update has involved a rebuild using more native iOS technology. The app is said to be 2.5 times faster. It was only a short time ago that Facebook released AppCenter, which it hopes will become the goto place to find any mobile service that might have a social feature. In June 2012 it had 543 million active mobile users!

“Mcommerce” doubled on iPhone and Android in Q2 2012 when compared to Q1. The average order value of products via smartphones is $97, which is circa 5% lower than on desktop. Retailers are engaged with mobile; the biggest retail marketing activity is mobile optimization of websites. This not only supports the increase of people Googling for products to buy on their mobile phones, but also marketing emails read on mobile that have a purchase funnel supporting mobile.

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This article is part of a series called Opinion.