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Jul 5, 2021

Remember when you thought that once the pandemic began to ease, hiring would pick up and you’d be able to fill roles at your organization more easily?

Well, it’s clear things didn’t work out as you may have originally imagined.

The pandemic is subsiding. That’s good. Hiring is picking up. That’s good. But the ability to fill open positions? That’s not so good.

Actually, the situation is feeling dire in some industries. The greatest challenge facing talent acquisition is…well…talent acquisition itself. That is, actually acquiring talent.

With that in mind, below is a selection of recent articles related to today’s talent shortage to help you lead through these tough times. You can find more article on managing talent shortages here.

The Warping of Talent Supply and Demand Laws

Getting Ahead of the Looming Employee Exodus 

A Tidal Wave of Hiring Begins to Take Shape

The Future of H-1B Visas

Today’s Crisis Won’t Be the Last — A Case Study in Recruiting Preparation 

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