Long Live the Meter Reader

Oct 16, 2015

CareerCast worst jobsAccording to research by CareerCast, the job board provider, on its list of the 10 most endangered jobs, reporter ranks fourth; underwriter is at least nineth. But nothing is more endangered than postal worker, due entirely to what you are doing right now, checking the Internet.

Or Change the Title?

If you have a friend with a job on this list, do the kind thing and suggest they change the title. Heck, it’s working for HR. Back in the day, the title was Personnel Director or, in a union shop, Director of Industrial Relations. (Some of them are still around.)

But those are so uncool titles. Too pedestrian. So then they became Human Resources, and the top dog in the department was a VP or, if the company is big enough, Chief Human Resources Officer, or CHRO, pronounced like the tasty treat.

From sourcer Karen Azulai now comes news that HR titles are evolving still further. Among the more esoteric titles she’s come across are these: Head of Talent and Happiness, The Happiness Inspirer, Chief of Happiness, and Director of First Impressions.

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