LinkedIn Introduces New Tools to Connect Recruiters to Candidates

The platform is using AI to increase personalization and identification of candidates likeliest to engage.

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Aug 16, 2023

LinkedIn recently unveiled two new tools for recruiters to engage candidates more effectively. Naturally — because it’s 2023 — both features, which are available to users of LinkedIn Recruiter, are steeped in artificial intelligence. In fact, LinkedIn reports that 74% of hiring professionals “hope that integrating generative AI into recruiting will help them automate repetitive tasks so they can prioritize more high-value strategic work.”

Bot-Born Personalization

One of the tools is AI-Assisted Messages, which uses AI to create personalized outreach InMails to candidates. That personalization can be a valuable means to engage candidates is, of course, well-known. Indeed, LinkedIn’s research shows that personalized InMails garner acceptance rates that are 40% higher than messages that lack personalization.

AI-Assisted Messages uses someone’s LinkedIn profile to create a tailored InMail for that person, which a recruiter can further customize as needed

Gauging Interest

The other tool is called Likelihood of Interest, which, as the name suggests, identifies potential candidates most likely to engage with a recruiter for an open role. According to LinkedIn, the feature “uses AI to aggregate and interpret many real-time interest signals, such as ‘Open to work,’ InMail acceptance, prospects from companies with recent layoffs, and ‘Interested in your company,’ and then identify candidates who have either a high or moderate likelihood of being interested in your job.”

Ultimately, LinkedIn is counting on these new features to increase recruiters’ efficiency and efficacy in sourcing and engaging with candidates.

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