Oct 14, 2015
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Coming next year from LinkedIn is a solution to that annoying problem with hiring managers who tell you, “I don’t have time to list everything for you. Just bring me more people like…”

This morning at Talent Connect, LinkedIn’s annual user conference now underway in Anaheim, Calif., the company announced a coming update to LinkedIn Recruiter that will simplify those “more like him and more like her” searches.

Instead of having to suss out all the details of a rockstar’s background, the upcoming Recruiter iteration lets searchers plug in that person’s name, pick their profile, and get a listNext Generation of LinkedIn Recruiter of LI members with similar backgrounds and skills.  In many cases, that may well unearth exactly the right candidate.

To finesse the search further, LinkedIn Recruiter displays the terms it used to build the search string so you can modify them to narrow — or widen — the results. Adding your own search elements, you might include some specific keywords or additional geographies, or accept alums of schools other than the one the rockstar attended.

What happens though if this is a new position or there’s no one the hiring manager can point to as someone they want to clone?

LinkedIn has a solution for that, too. Maybe all you know is the job title, the example LinkedIn used in describing this feature.  Just enter it into the titles field and Recruiter will return a list of the most frequently skills people with that title have. You’ll also get a list of the most frequently listed schools and companies with the most people holding that title.


This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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