Jobvite Introduces Mobile Career Site Service

Jun 24, 2014
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Jobvite mobile resume screenshotJobvite cut the ribbon this morning on a mobile career center service that if the reality is as cool as the screenshots, is at once simple and convenient, and brings mobile recruiting about as close to what job seekers want as any service now out there.

This is not an app, but a full-fledged career site tool that is specifically configured for mobile users, particularly those who job search on phones and small screens. Instead of merely shrinking down a full-sized site or abbreviating what already exists, Jobvite has considered the usability issue, which is one that is ignored by too many employers.

Too many sites do little more than use responsive design to make tiny their desktop designed site. All that does is make the multiple form fields that are merely annoying on a full-sized monitor frustrating and painful to fill in by thumb on the small screen. It’s a sure way to turn off all but the most active of job seekers.

Jobvite’s mobile service limits the fields to the basics — essential contact info. Jobvite screenshot 1And that comes after the resume, which itself is even easier to submit. A pulldown gives applicants several choices for accessing their resume.

If they’ve ever applied for a job with a Jobvite customer, seekers get offered the opportunity to use that resume. Other choices include using a resume stored on Dropbox, their LinkedIn profile, or a resume stored on their phone.

Jobvite didn’t have any sites to point to in advance of this morning’s beta release, so I can’t say how this works in actual use. But the screenshots and information Jobvite’s PR agency sent along suggest it’s going to be a winner among job seekers.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.